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Proper care of new sod
Watering your lawn is vital to its health. New sod should be watered as follows:

St.Augustine (Floratam, Bitter Blue, Seville, etc.) everyday for 45 minutes per zone for the first 3-4 weeks, (or as needed).

Argentine Bahia everyday 20-30 minutes per zone, (or as needed).

If you see wilting of the lead blade the grass needs more water. If the lawn is still damp in the evening then the grass needs less water. (This applies to all sod but is especially important for shade areas)

Try to water early in the morning, if you water late in the day or in the evening, (or if we get late afternoon showers) it will increase the chance of fungus growth in the new sod. This will be characterized by a yellowing of the leaf blades and a rotting smell. You will have to treat the lawn with a fungicide weekly and/or hire a lawn care professional.

Be sure not to mow your new sod until it has fully taken root. This typically takes about 3-6 weeks. You can tell the sod has rooted by pulling up one piece to see that the roots have entered the ground. Please set the mower's blades at the highest possible setting for the first few cuts. General Rule: St. Augustine's 4-5 inches/Bahia 3-4 inches.

The first 3 weeks after sod installation are the most vital. If you notice any irregularities during this time call us immediately and we can send a lawn care professional out to properly diagnose the problem.

You are responsible for fertilization, insecticide, weed control, and proper watering. If a problem develops, it is important to have an expert look at it and treat it immediately.



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